PCCS' Vision

"Integrating theoretical inquiry with direct experience through meditation and related practices, virtually all conventional disciplines, as well as many emergent themes—including diversity, innovation, multi-disciplinary/trans-disciplinary learning, and sustainability—take on new and expanded meaning." -Ed Sarath

The U-M Program in Creativity and Consciousness Studies is an initiative devoted to theoretical and applied exploration of the nature and development of human creativity and consciousness. Recent years have seen increasing interest in "peak experiences" or "Flow" states as not only episodes of heightened performance but apertures into expanded conceptions of the human being. Many visionaries consider a revolution in consciousness as key to addressing the growing number of challenges facing our world, a proposition that poses exciting ramifications for the educational leadership of our times. Viewing creativity as the exterior manifestation of consciousness growth, PCCS brings together faculty and students from all areas of campus to engage in coursework, lectures, symposia, and research that is centered around this vision.

flowering tree
Many of PCCS' contemplative classes   are scheduled on U-M's beautiful North Campus.