PCCS-Related Courses and Curricula

A wide range of coursework is available on the U-M campus that intersects with the terrain of PCCS. Common to much of this coursework is theoretical inquiry into the interior dimensions of human awareness and applied exploration of this realm through contemplative methodologies such as meditation. A burgeoning contemplative studies movement, which is galvanized by organizations such as the Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education, suggests that these practices and studies represent the next major wave in higher education. The BFA in Jazz and Contemplative Studies program at U-M, moreover, has been regarded as at the forefront of this new wave in moving from single courses to a full degree program with a significant contemplative studies component. It might be noted that core courses in the curriculum (such as 450 Contemplative Practices Seminar, and 455 Creativity and Consciousness) are open to students from all fields regardless of musical backgrounds. An important aim of PCCS is to design a cross-campus version of the Jazz and Contemplative Studies curriculum that integrates a contemplative component and creativity studies with wide-ranging conventional concentrations.

PCCS Coursework & Degree Programs
student practicing walking meditation
Contemplative coursework includes various interior practices, including walking meditation.