U-M PCCS; and NCID Present:

Kyra Gaunt
and Ed Sarath

"Expanding the Diversity Conversation:

Art, Consciousness, and Social Justice"

Thursday, March 19, 2015
4:00 - 5:30 p.m. // This event is free and open to all U-M affiliates, community scholars, and the general public.

Dental Building, U-M School of Dentistry, Room G322 (Ground Level)
1011 N. University Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1078
University of Michigan, Central Campus


In this shared presentation, Kyra Gaunt, Ph.D., Baruch College-CUNY, and Ed Sarath, U-M Program in Creativity & Consciousness Studies (PCCS), will extend the boundaries of typical conversations concerning diversity by exploring the areas of art and consciousness and the profound ramifications that they have for diversity. Art and consciousness have not been part of diversity discourse near to the extent that is possible, and that is arguably needed, if genuine progress is to be made. The limited connection between art and diversity is particularly evident in music studies, with its strong monocultural center. Furthermore, consciousness—defined in our presentation as a core facet of human experience that includes the innermost, transcendent dimensions of subjective awareness—is even more distant in academic diversity discourse.

In her wide-ranging approach to her work and teaching, Dr. Gaunt epitomizes the ideas of creativity, diversity, transcendence, and passionate activism. The author of The Games Black Girls Play: Learning the Ropes from Double-Dutch to Hip-Hop, she specializes in the areas of race, gender, and African-American music, with projects ranging from writing songs as a form of human intervention to leading workshops that teach young women of color how to resist devaluation online by telling their own stories in videos. In her ethnomusicology and cultural anthropology classes, she also embraces an open and personal teaching style in order to bring awareness and personal empowerment to her students at the deepest level.

In our presentation, the expanded terrain into which Dr. Gaunt and Prof. Sarath will delve invites celebration of the varying ways that different cultures have broached interior experience and development. It also brings into view diverse epistemologies—or ways of knowing—that help foster self-awareness, critical inquiry faculties, and liberation from limiting stereotypes that impede progress in an increasingly global society. In this presentation, new light will be shed on race, ethnicity, culture, gender, class, sexual identity, and other facets not typically characteristic of academic diversity discourse.

This is the inaugural event in the Art, Consciousness, and Diversity presentation series of the U-M Program in Creativity & Consciousness Studies (PCCS), under Prof. Sarath's leadership.

This event is co-sponsored by the National Center for Institutional Diversity (NCID).
Light refreshments will be served.


Campus Map Location:
The Dental Building is located in quadrant 3-L on the U-M Central Campus parking map.
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Driving Directions to the Dental School:
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On-Campus Walking Map to the Dental School:
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There are multiple entrances, as well as direct parking-to-building access (see details immediately below). If entering from the Fletcher Structure, on Level P (Plaza Level): You will be entering the north entrance to the School of Dentistry, on its first floor, where the main information desk is located. For wheelchair accessibility from Fletcher Structure, enter the Dental Bldg. from either the Plaza Level or Level 3 of the structure (details below). For further information, contact the Dental Building Manager's Office before 5p.m. weekdays: (734) 936-3694. Please note that all Dental Bldg. entrances will be locked promptly at 5p.m.


Within the Dental Building (School of Dentistry)—
Directions to Room G322 (Ground Level):

A. Main/South Entrance (wheelchair-accessible from street-level):
When you enter (past the outdoor plaza area, along North University Ave.) through the main doors, you'll see the elevators on your left (and the main information desk on your right). Take an elevator down one floor to “G” (Ground Level). Continue directions at asterisk below.*

B. North Entrance (from 3rd Level of Fletcher Parking Structure—
best for wheelchair access with blue or gold permit):

Enter the Dental Bldg. via the glass door in vestibule midway along the parking structure's southern wall. (Follow “School of Dentistry” directional signage.) You'll be entering the Dental Bldg. on Level B (Basement). Follow the hallway, then turn right where it dead-ends at “Clinic Elevators” sign. Take another immediate right at the “Main Elevator” lobby. Ride an elevator up to Level “G” (Ground Level). Continue with directions at asterisk below.*

C. North Entrance (from all other levels, Fletcher Parking Structure—including the structure's “P” Plaza Level, which is also wheelchair-accessible):
After entering the Dental Bldg. from the structure, turn right, then an immediate left. When you reach the lobby seating area, turn left into this area, then bear right. The elevators will be on your right (across from the main information desk). Take the elevator down one floor to “G” (Ground Level). Continue directions at asterisk immediately below.*

*As you exit the elevator on the Ground Level of the Dental Bldg.:
Turn right, then an immediate left at the hallway; and another left at the next hallway. Room G322 will be on your right.

D. East Entrance (easiest access from Visitor Parking in nearby Palmer Structure):
Take the parking structure's elevator to Level “P4,” and exit the structure. You'll see the east entrance of the Dental Bldg. on your right. (For wheelchair accessibility, follow the same sidewalk further, to the street-side/South Entrance's ramp—continue with above directions, for entering via that main entrance.)
From the East Entrance, pass through the seating area, and walk up the three steps directly ahead. Immediately turn left. Room G322 is the first room on your left.

E. West Entrance:
Enter from Fletcher St., pass through the seating area, and walk up the three steps directly ahead. Just beyond the signage, bathrooms, and copy machine—turn onto the hallway to your right. Room G322 will be the first room on your left.

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The arts, in context of
consciousness studies,
foster a deeper cultural/self identity for students.
photo: Pixabay.
portrait of Ed Sarath, Director of U-M PCCS