U-M PCCS; and NCID Present:

James Crowfoot, Elizabeth Goodenough, Richard Mann, and Martha Winona Travers

"Nature-Based Contemplation, Outdoor Play, and Sustainability"

Monday, October 20, 2014
5:00-6:30 p.m. // This event is free and open to all U-M affiliates, community scholars, and the general public.

U-M Pierpont Commons, Boulevard Room, Second Level
2101 Bonisteel Blvd., Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2090
University of Michigan, North Campus


A panel discussion moderated by Dick Mann, with James Crowfoot, Program in the Environment (PitE); Elizabeth Goodenough, Residential College (RI); and Martha Winona Travers, Program in Creativity & Consciousness Studies (PCCS). This panel explores the relationship between sustainable practices in our treatment of the Earth; contemplative practices that re-engage our conversation with the natural world; and adult and childhood play in nature.

As the human species faces an unprecedented threat in terms of climate change, all of our capacities as human beings are called upon. In order to survive as a species, a fundamental change of consciousness is necessary. What is the nature of that change and how can it be effected? Is such a change currently in process? Can the human species transform from a species that habitually over-consumes to a species that lives in ecological balance with the natural world? How can play in the outdoors and contemplative practices that deepen our relationship with nature inform our sustainable practice?

A human capacity lost in much of the dominant cultures, which is still maintained to this day in some communities of indigenous peoples, is the ability to enter into conversation with the elements of nature and to recognize that all aspects of the natural world are, in a very real sense, "our relations."

Play and contemplative practices help us relearn this lost capacity.
Nature is the teacher.

Indigenous elders remind us that we are nature, that nature is not outside of us, but is, indeed, who we are in our essence. Profit- and product-driven priorities block our ability to "go with" nature. Yet it is only through learning how nature works and going with its processes that the species has survived until now. Join us for a spirited conversation about the ways in which ancient forms of human engagement with the natural world can promote our survival as a species.


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a quote from
Henry David Thoreau:

"In wildness is the preservation of
the world." photo:Yun Yuan Tay