U-M PCCS Courses

American Culture 262: Native Religious Traditions
Anthro Cultural 416: Global Health: Anthropological Perspectives
Anthro Cultural 448: Anthropology of Religion: Ritual, Sanctity, and Adaptation
Anthro Cultural 449: Metaphor Enacted: Magic, Healing, and Ritual
Asian Lang & Culture 325: Zen Buddhism Immortals, Elixirs and Revelations
Engineering 100: Biotechnology and Human Values (section 2)
German 304*: Expressionist Art in Munich
German 304*: Freud, Jung, & the Unconscious
German 304*: Joseph Beuys
German 309: Imagination
German 386: Fairy Tales
Jazz 309: Imagination
Jazz 450: Contemplative Practice Seminar*: Special Topics: The Sources of Inspiration
Jazz 454*: Special Topics: Deep Ecology
Jazz 454*: Special Topics: Nature and Reflection
Jazz 455*: Creativity and Consciousness
Jazz 455*: Explorations in Consciousness: Shamanism and Sacred Plant Medicine
Jazz 455*: Jazz, Creativity, Consciousness, and the Future
Judaic Studies 470: Models of Jewish Renewal
Judaic Studies 478: Jewish Mysticism
Kinesiology 474: Worksite Wellness
Philosophy 344: Ethics in Health Care
Philosophy 383: Knowledge and Reality
Psychology 231: Brain, Learning, and Memory
Psychology 401: The Psychology of Consciousness
Psychology 418: Psychology and Spiritual Development
Psychology 442: Perception, Science, and Reality
RC SOCSCI 254: Mind and Brain in the Creative Process
RC SOCSCI 360: Perspectives on Creativity and Consciousness
Religion 381: Witchcraft: An Introduction to the Literature and History of Witchcraft
Religion 455: Religion and Society
Religion 465: Islamic Mysticism
Sociology 455: Religion and Society
Sociology 555: Culture and Knowledge
Social Work 734: Complementary, Alternative, and Indigenous Healing Systems
Univ Course 163: Biotechnology and Human Values
Univ Course: Faith and Science

*For course numbers with mulitple listings, check with instructor to confirm which section or special topics are being offered each term.

PCCS Coursework & Degree Programs
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