PCCS Faculty Study Groups and Themes

PCCS invites faculty and staff from all areas of campus to come together around the following themes, some of which will coalesce in study groups that meet regularly (e.g., once per month) depending on interest. As the descriptions below indicate, while each area represents a unique lens into the creativity-consciousness relationship, there is also considerable overlap between areas due to the common interior foundations, and inner-outer integration, inherent in the PCCS vision. The term "integral" used in some of the headings, informed by an emergent worldview called Integral Theory, denotes this integration. Some themes will be the topic of panel discussions at public events, examples of which can be found in past events link. Suggestions for new themes are always welcome.

Contact PCCS’ Administrative Coordinator at pccs-michigan-requests@umich.edu to indicate interest in one or more groups, and for more information.

Art, Consciousness, and Diversity Initiative (ACDI)
Deep Inquiry Group (DIG)
Improvisation Across Fields (IAF)
Integral Diversity Group (IDG)
"What Is Consciousness?" Group (WICG)

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Many of PCCS' contemplative classes   are scheduled on U-M's beautiful North Campus.