People & Expertise

PCCS is comprised of a wide range of scholars-practitioners involved in many areas related to creativity and consciousness studies. As the list of Affiliated Faculty indicates, the field connects with virtually every area of campus, and as interest in the interior dimensions that underlie all disciplines grows, we anticipate that faculty and student involvement will expand considerably. While the focus for some colleagues is on innovative pedagogical approaches, for others cutting-edge theoretical and quantitative research, and still others direct exploration of the terrain through creative and contemplative engagement, it is the uniting of all these areas that will define the leadership in this emergent academic field. PCCS is guided by this integrative vision.

PCCS Affiliated Faculty
Frederick Amrine, Dept. of Germanic Languages & Literatures
Robert Anderson, School of Medicine
Pamela Andriata, School of Medicine
Percy Bates, School of Education
Judith Becker, School of Music, Theatre & Dance
Rita Benn, Integrative Medicine / Family Medicine / Institute for Research on Women and Gender
Donald Clewell, Dept. of Biology
James Cogswell, Stamps School of Art & Design
James Crowfoot, Program in the Environment / Michigan Community Scholars Program
Aditi Dave, School of Medicine
David Doris, Dept. of African American and African Studies
Jane Dutton, Ross School of Business
Jeffrey Evans, Residential College / School of Medicine
William Gehring, Dept. of Psychology
Eliott Ginsberg, Dept. of Near Eastern Studies
Sara Adlerstein Gonzalez, School of Natural Resources & Environment
Elizabeth Goodenough, Residential College
Patricia Gurin, Dept. of Psychology
Melissa Hall, Dept. of Kinesiology
Max Heirich, Dept. of Sociology
Meilu Ho, School of Music, Theatre & Dance
Carol Hutchins, Athletics Department
Sharon Kardia, School of Public Health / Life Sciences and Society
John King, Vice Provost for Strategy
Patricia King, School of Education
Susan King, Life Sciences and Society
Andrew Kirschner, Stamps School of Art & Design / School of Music, Theatre & Dance
Ram Mahalingham, Dept. of Psychology
Richard Mann, Dept. of Psychology; and Program on Studies in Religion
Maureen Martin, Development Office
George Mashour, School of Medicine- Anesthesiology, Neuroscience
Annette Masson, School of Music, Theatre & Dance
Marie McCarthy, School of Music, Theatre & Dance
Henry Meares, School of Education
David Meyer, Dept. of Psychology
Carl Miller, College of Engineering- Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Stephen Modell, School of Public Health
Anne Mondro, Stamps School of Art & Design
Thylias Moss, Dept. of English Language and Literature
Christopher Peterson, Dept. of Psychology
Robert Quinn, Ross School of Business
Stephen Ragsdale, School of Medicine
Beverley Rathcke, Dept. of Biology
Stephanie Rowden, Stamps School of Art & Design
Stephen Rush, School of Music, Theatre & Dance
Edward Sarath, School of Music, Theatre & Dance
Brett Seabury, School of Social Work
Susan Shand, Athletics Department
Robert Swedberg, School of Music, Theatre & Dance
Martha Winona Travers, School of Music, Theatre & Dance
Karl Weick, Ross School of Business

PCCS faculty member Martha Travers meditates with students
PCCS faculty participate
with students in classroom exercises.